Help ensure MPs understand the reality of the cost of living crisis

Next week’s lobby of Parliament gives members the chance to tell MPs how the crisis is affecting ordinary workers – and build calls for a general election

Let’s rise up in Westminster on 2 November – in UNISON

Get ready for next month’s lobby of Parliament as UNISON and the TUC build the campaign on the cost of living crisis and building a better future

Help UNISON prepare for COP27 in Egypt this November

Join UNISON in getting ready for COP27 and the next stage of global efforts to tackle the climate emergency


UNISON urges caution over new pension scheme

Government’s new collective defined contribution pension scheme could help some public service workers, but shouldn’t erode the pensions of others

Help us fight back against the government’s ‘Rights Removal Bill’

The Westminster government has deliberately used negative stereotypes to pass a bill that will remove our basic human rights

Heatwave advice

heatwave advice

Maximum temperature at Work

We need an absolute maximum working temperature to keep people safe from the risks associated with excessive heat and sun exposure.

Today is the 51st anniversary of the UK Trade Union Act of 1871

The Act legalised Trade Unions for the first time in the UK. Every single British person has benefitted from the victories won by Trade Unions. Unions have brought significant changes to society, including: paid holidays, sickness entitlement, equality legislation, improved worker safety, maternity/paternity leave etc. Trade unions are needed now more than ever. Strength in unity […]

2022 school clothing grants

Grants of up to £70 per school-age child are available for school clothing.